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Elec-tonic Cinema

>> Not in the U.S. Essentially all drama and a very high percentage of sitcoms
>> are all shot on film. Video origination is prevelant for news,
>> newsmagazines, "reality" and documetary programs, and ***some*** sitcoms
>> (primarily those on "splinter" networks like UPN and WB.

Does anyone have any figures on how much of total air time in a 24hr period
is from film? Both UK and US.
This includes everything the viewer watches and not just prime time?

I saw "Message in a bottle" the other day (we get films late over here:(  )
and this was an example of a film that I felt had good traditional
No heavy visual FX, a "Sleepless in Seattle" type film.
>From the moment I saw the projectionist miss focus the screen my heart sank.
Being slightly out of focus spoiled it for me,
The print as usual was filthy.
It was strangely colour timed also. The airport sequence at the start was
far too blue and grainy.

Not too impressed.

Full marks for them keeping the sad ending in the plot instead of a
rewritten happy ending.

Paul Grace

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