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Transferring really old film...

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In the old days motion picture film was hand cranked at about an average of
15-18 fps according to Lin Dunn inventor of the optical printer. He also
said that the cinematographers were also capable of speeding the scene up
or slowing it down while they were shooting and were able to adjust the
aperrature (f stop) on the fly. As an example if a love scene turns into a
chase scene the cinematographer would turn the crank faster for the love
scene to slow it down and turn the crank slower for the chase scene to
speed it up. The projector in the theater ran at a somewhat constant speed
of around 15 to 18 fps until sound was introduced and the sound track was
put on the print. 

Many years ago I transfered a bunch of old movies on a specially built
telecine for Technicolor. The client was GoldKey Entertainment. From those
B&W transfers at 15 fps the scenes were colorized and music was added. 

The client had some really good "stuff" and it sure would look great in
todays HDTV. Gray scale was superb. None of the Keystone Cops imaging that
destroys what the director and cinematographer had in mind. 

As too the base coloring I did notice some but we transfered in black and
white only. (No color difference between the RGB channels.)

Jim Mendrala
Real Image Technology, Inc.

Thanks to Cintel for support in 1999
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