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Film is great.
Music is great
Art is everything.

It's not all about fine detail or standards, technical opinions. All media
are just tools, some cost more than others, they all work differently.

Look at Turners paintings, they are not painted as photo quality renditions.
They do however carry emotion and soul.

This subject is really two very  separate issues.

1) Electronic Projection
2) Electronic Aquisition.

They should not be bundled together. You might as well bundle in Optical FX
versus Digital FX if you want to be a film only purist. Should all movies
not use digital FX and only opticals to keep Film pure? Rubbish.

My view is that...

point 1) Electronic Projection can be good faced with the poor traditional
projection in small screen average cinemas and the advantages that it can
bring. Why has this been allowed to happen? A full size screen cinema with a
clean print and a good projectionist is a wonderful experience. Sadly this
is rare, at least as I have found in the UK.

Point 2) I think that Film is wonderful for many projects but I firmly
believe that it is not a unique tool for story telling. 3D renders and
stylised projects are just as valid as well as smaller film formats,"Leaving
Las Vegas" was shot in Super 16mm for instance, should that be snubbed?
Turning our noses up at anything not originated on 35mm film is narrow

It really doesn't matter what I or others think, people will vote with their
money at box offices or home cinema stores and young artists will explore
new techniques and technology as they always have done.

Paul Grace
"waiting for the harpsichord revival" ;)

Thanks to Cintel for support in 1999
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