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A good basic book is "Film into Video" Kallenberger and Cvjetnicanin
Published by Focal Press.  The address for Focal Press is: c/o
Butterworth-Heiemann, 313 Washington St., Newton MA 02158.

However, The best place to learn is in your company's telecine suite, during
or after hours. Do anything else you can to spend time in there. See if
management will let you transfer student projects at night for a reduced
rate.  Most of all, try to find a colorist who will mentor you.

This has to be the most challenging discipline in our industry because it
calls on such a broad knowledge base: light, mechanics, signal flow, optics,
human perception.  Don't be in a hurry, this will take time.

Good luck.

Martin Banks

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>I would like to pick up a few books on the subject: color theory, film
>in relation to video and the like, as well as manuals.
>ANY help on the subject will be most appreciated.

Thanks to Cintel for support in 1999
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