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Re: Electronic Cinema

Robert Lund wrote:

> "Michael D. Most" wrote:
> > Not in the U.S. Essentially all drama and a very high percentage of sitcoms
> > are all shot on film. Video origination is prevelant for news,
> > newsmagazines, "reality" and documetary programs, et al

> it's pretty evident which are
> shot on film. And in NTSC, it's not the resolution, or even the grain that
> matters -- the handling of lighting makes a big difference. I wonder if the
> nuances of lighting, the black detail, etc., can be preserved when
> shooting in
> video.

> Can anyone shed any light (at the proper gamma) on this
> subject?

No pun intended, I presume???

The nuances of lighting and image design is a subtlety that seems lost
on most
viewers.  Not to mention as has been pointed out here before, that most viewers
seem willing to accept or justify sub-standard quality.  After all,
isn't this
sort of dilemma (i.e. - the lack of a viewing standard for home sets)
one which
we have operated in the presence of all during our careers?

But . . . on the other hand, perhaps that's a core misunderstanding
here.  Maybe
it's not actually lost, just experienced quite differently than we (of a
technical bent) do.  I remember reading somewhere (I think this was
Disney) that
the lure of the filmic experience is that it is an experience of illusion.
Perhaps viewers without our technical perspective are all to happy to be led
astray for a brief respite from reality.  The ability of our perceptual systems
to accommodate is baffling (and frustrating in some cases - in suite) to me.

Nonetheless, to aspire to anything less that the best we can produce,
with the
best equipment in the most accurate environment is an accommodation I'd rather
not endure.

Best to all,
Tim Bond
DuArt Film & Video

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