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Re: Transferring really old film...

Christopher writes:

> Originally, movie projectors were hand cranked as well, and projectionists
> were taught to speed up or slow down to match the action--but in any case
> keep pace with the musician(s) up front!  (Generally, they had to rehearse
> show a few times to get it right).

Sounds like one of my first Telecine Jobs in Holland.  "Live" Telecine was
the concept.  The medium was dupe-dupe-dupe 16 reversal with 16 mag for a
childeren program in the morning.  The telecine: only 3 joysticks....  I
remember the rehearsing part... I wrote down the footage and the position of
the joysticks....  rehearsal was not a bad idea..... at least I knew what to

That's a long time ago......


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