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PAL BETA question

I have a question that perhaps someone out there can answer:

We feed our NTSC BETA SP (75) decks with YUV where the U and V
are 700mv p-p at 75% saturation.  Recordings and PB are OK, no
problem.  Ever.

Now I got a PAL deck (75P) and notice that the same levels IN
result in an oversaturated recording.  I was under the impression
that in the BETA component level world, both PAL and NTSC used the
same U/V levels (700mv p-p  at  75%) and the only diff was the Y level
to account for setup.

So I figured, heck, someone set up our deck wrong; too much gain
on the YUV input stage... but I compared this to another unrelated
deck only to find the same thing.  Strange.  It's an input thing;
playing back align tapes and other tests show that the increase
in saturation is due to the setup of the input stage on all these
machines. [Using BNC connctors in all cases, not the multi-conn.]

Anybody else see that, or is this supposed to be like this?  Doesn't
seem right to me.

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