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If you're interested in the pure aesthetic of colour, without  much numeric
analysis, here are a couple of suggestions:

BBC Books, Robert Cumming & Tom Porter "The Colour Eye", (1990) which
accompanied a six part TV Series.  It covers some history of colour,
manners, pigmentation, and colour design.  It also sports a very impressive
bibliography, including the  grandaddy:

"Elements of Colour", Johannes  Itten, New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold,
(English, 1983)  --originally German.  Itten was a member of the Bauhaus

Goethe wrote a treatise on colour -- I'll bet its searchable.

For an artistic treatment (oil/acrylic on canvas), try "Color Theory", by
Jose M. Parramon, Watson-Guptill Publications, New York. (1989).  This book
clearly establishes painterly guidelines for balancing and shading visual
media with solid principles based on the colour theories of generations of
artists, such as Cezanne, Delacroix, and Chevreul.  For instance, the thread
on the CML "Dueling Colours" is a practical demonstration of "simultaneous
dynamic contrast" with respect to complementaries.  If you want to be able
to speak the same language as the art director, this book contains both the
vocabulary, and the nuance.  If an artist can get static paint on canvas to
breathe, we should surely be able to get expressive motion pictures...
...that don't look green, either, when there "isn't any...."
Joe Owens
Studio Post

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