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Re: Wendall Williams

On 1999-05-18 at 17:15, Eric Maurer (emaurer at postique.com) wrote:

Rob, I am not sure of the protocol regarding the following
posting. Wendall was a friend of mine and I think there are
a few  people thru the industry that should know this.
Please post as is or inform me of the correct protocol.
Thank You Eric Maurer
To the friend's of Wendall Williams, I am sorry 
to inform all of you that Wendall died of a heart attack
on Thursday May 13th 1999. He will be laid to rest 
on Friday May 21,1999 at Olinger Woods funeral
home at 11:00 a.m. in Golden,Colorado. The family
request that all memorial contributions be made to:  
Amercian Heart Association
1280 South Parker Road,
Denver CO 80231  
or call 303-369-5433.

Thanks to Philips for support in 1999
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