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SMPTE/USC ECinema Demonstrations

To All TIG Readers in the Los Angeles Area:

As many of you know the SMPTE/USC Electronic Cinema Saturday, May 22 all
day Seminar is completely sold out.  Many that could not register have
requested that they would like to at least see the demonstrations.

The Hollywood Section Committee has made this possible with the
cooperation of all the manufacturers involved.

A Special Evening Demonstration will be held that will include all the
demo material from the seminar.  I will list the material below.

The demo will start at 7PM at the Norris Theater on the USC Campus.
This is Saturday May 22.  The entrance is Gate 5-The McClintock Gate at
Jefferson and McClintock.  This is near the Shrine Auditorium off the
Harbor Freeway.

The registration will start at 6 pm.  No advanced registrations will be
taken.  Cash or Checks are preferred.  Credit Cards will be accepted but
now preferred.  The cost is $20.

All the demo material from the day will be shown.  This includes:

Split screen of the electronic projectors with film.  This is the same
material on both film print and telecine transfers.  In sync on the same
screen.  This will be on both the Hughes/JVC and TI projectors.  These
are the same projectors that will be used next month to show Star
Wars-Phantom Menace in the two theaters in New York and LA.

Also to be shown is SMPTE RP-40.  This is the test film always used to
evaluate film projectors.  We have transferred this to tape and this
will be shown on the electronic projectors as well on the Kinoton
projector which is reported to be the most stable projector sold today.

Also shown will be the latest Kodak Vision and Vision Premier print
stocks.  And a  production machine Technicolor Dye Transfer print will
be shown.  This is from the revived Technicolor process known for  near
perfect color reproduction.  Of interest is that this print has been pin
registered at every step in the process.

If you have questions you may call Herb Farmer at USC at 213-740-2921

Hope to see all you there.

Bill Hogan

Thanks to Philips for support in 1999
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