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Obituary for a friend

I have a friend whose dying. She's been sick for a long time.

We started out together, the two of us. Sometimes the relationship was
stormy, but it was always highly rewarding. I was with her early in my
career, as well as a second later stint, and her imprints are on every job
I do. We learned of Ranks IIIC's, dubners, and daVincis. We saw B, C, and D
formats roll by together. We learned to do more with rubber bands and paper
clips, because we had to. There wasn't much money back then.We saw managers
fly through like a revolving door on Highland Avenue. Some good, some bad,
but never staying long enough to make the old girl healthy again.

There were the golden years, when she was the temple of telecine. We worked
with the best clients together, and there was always more business then you
could handle. Back then we said no to overtime, more than we said yes.
Research and development was a way of doing business. Technology was
implemented from within, not off of the shelf. There were group technical
meetings with her sisters who have long since passed away. People who
worked there were icons who shared their love of what they were doing with
others. She really was the last of her kind. I wish she was treated better
by her dying parent.

Recently, Larry Brisson, the godfather of on-line editorial was let go.
With a snap of his fingers, Larry could trim two frames off of an edit
before the words fell out of your mouth. He invented eye matching. Larry
was a staple of Editel Los Angeles, before it was called Editel. We all
knew this was a symbol of what was to come. Larry was the man...for the
longest time. When he was gone, so was the sprit that was Editel. Larry was
the strong oak tree on the property. I could list more pioneering
individuals, but I imagine half of the people on the list have worked at or
have been touched by what was Editel. We all were touched.

I'll miss her dearly. I hope those with the means would throw a no host
wake for all of us who worked at any of the great Editel's around the
country. I think a tequila party is just what she'd want. Too bad Emilio's
(edit 6) is closed also. That would have been a fitting spot for a goodbye.

With love,


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