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Editel was the only name in L.A. for the commercial market through the
1980's to 90's. Management came and went through the revolving door, but
the employee's hung in to make Editel the number one name in the
commercial market. It was a sign of the times when they let Larry
Brisson go. It did not matter how many years,  long days and long hours
he worked  in  the past. It did not matter, that he  gave his heart,
soul and life to Editel. It came down to what he could bring to the
table today...sad but true.  There is no doubt, that he was fastest
on-line editor of  our time and one of the most loyal employee's.  The
employee's made the name of Editel a household name. In the early to mid
90's,  the commercial market started the move to Santa Monica. It is
still happening today. This definetly hurt Hollywood Post Production in
the commercial market. It is to bad that the management did not listen
to the talent and or clients about moving to the Santa Monica area. The
employee's needless to say, worked every day with the clients, they  saw
the future. . In the revolving door of management they had their own
ideas. For some of the management, it was just a stepping stone. What we
know of  Post Production today is so different from the years past.  It
comes down to one thing....The Bottom Line !  To all the employee's of
Editel, when you leave..LEAVE PROUD. Because of you,  Editel survived
this long !

I agree with Bob Festa, we definetly need a wake. A party that no one
will ever forget !


Steve Behar

Thanks to Philips for support in 1999
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