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Re: Editel

On 1999-05-23 at 11:10, steven behar (smt711 at gte.net) wrote:

> 90's,  the commercial market started the move to Santa Monica. It is
> still happening today. This definetly hurt Hollywood Post Production in
> the commercial market. It is to bad that the management did not listen
> to the talent and or clients about moving to the Santa Monica area. The

I think Editel made the decision, and in retrospect a wise one, to
stay in Hollywood and work more with the longer-form market.  Santa
Monica quickly became saturated with post houses, and the commercials
market has been unreliable in the last 18 months or so.

I echo your comments about Larry, and all the other very loyal and
long-serving employees of Editel (I was there only 8 years, it seems a
short time compared!) --Michael Canterbury, Dennis Philips, Bruce
Goodman, Scott Sevcik, and who could ever forget Juan and his helpful

Rob Lingelbach
FWC Dallas

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