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Re: Editel/LA


I guess you must have missed the discussions by Bob Festa, Rob, Steve Behar and
others from about a week ago about the closing of Editel.  Yes it is true.

About 6 months ago I ran into Bob Belcher who reminded me that this coming summer
(1999) would be the 25th anniversary of the building of Editel.  I and Skip Long
build the original facility when Sam Holtz could not come to LA immediately for
the construction.  The original facility consisted of 4 Ampex AVR-1s, a Ampex
HS-200 disk recorder and a CDL editing system.  And you are right.  It was Bob
Belcher, Larry Brisson and you with the funny Editel/Ampex hand held cameras that
was the start of something that was to last a quarter of a century.  Now doesn't
that make you feel old.  Some of the best persons in this industry and many
members of the TIG went through Editel.

So who is organizing the party?

Regards, Bill

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