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USC/SMPTE Electronic Cinema


Not to beat the dead horse, but I had the opportunity to attend the above
mentioned split screen demo sponsored by USC/SMPTE. I must tell you, it was
a revealing program of seeing projected film at its best in conjunction
with an electronic Hughes and TI split screen demo.

The highlight of the program was seeing four theatrical trailer snippets
running in sync with each other. Film on the right and electronic
projection on the left. I think everyone in the audience had the film
identified pretty quickly just from the weave, matte boxes, and negative
dirt. There appeared to be a conscious effort to color match the film in
the telecine to the print...some more successful than others, but a genuine
match was evident more than not. My opinion was at current resolutions the
projectors had their own artifacts but the images were very impressive. I
think mom and pop in the theatre would not have known the difference. The
clean whites and bulletproof blacks of the electronic projection were very
attractive. I understand the Lucas film will be shown in two theatres in
NYC and LA using this technology. I cant wait for that one.

Personally, my favorite part of the demo was seeing film at its best.
Technicolor presented reel one of "Thin Red Line" in the dye transfer
process. The film was drop dead beautiful. Rich, thick,
saturated...reasonably natural and organic. What a treat to see a clean,
steady print in all its glory. Technicolor has two of these printers that
operate at 800 ft a minute...pin registered!

Bill Hogan did a wonderful job moderating this shoot out.



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