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Re: USC/SMPTE Electronic Cinema

"Michael C. Kaye" wrote many questions:
> Having already seen the same side by side demos, I did not attend this one.
> I am curious to know however, how large the images were projected on the
> screen and how far away from the screen were you?


Full screen. Norris Theater. Choice middle location. I'm guessing most
elements were 1.85:1, All were flat.

>  Did you notice any "screendoor" effect with the Hughes projector?  Were there any color or
> res charts at the front of the roll?

No screen door. There was RP40 projected by all systems electronic and
traditional. One electronic showed a bit of resolution falloff on one

> You commented that "there was a conscious effort to color
> match the film".  What specifically do you mean?  Did you mean that they
> over did it in telecine?

Bill Hogan can clarify this, but I believe that a projected print was
available in telecine to compare color to. The projected source was
obviously print, the telecine elements were IP transferred from both
Spirit and C reality transports from different facilities.  

>What was your perception of the apparant sharpness?

Frankly, I noticed a much greater sharpness issue between individual
transfers. As you know, some of us (not I said the king...) like to use
contours and image enhancement more than others. Once you see a natural
print next to a hyper contoured IP, sharpness issues in the source are
magnified much greater than the apparent projection resolution.

-- Bob
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