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7274 film stock coincidence

Fearing the wrath of our local Kodak rep, I hesitantly post this query.

During transfer of a feature being shot with a CP camera, we noticed in some
night interior shots some blue, light pressure marks which were not
registered. By looking at only the blue channel, we saw that it was on other
scenes as well, you just couldn't see it with the combination of all 3
channels. It was only on 7274 stock (batch 7274-146-5702).  The DP suspected
a felt pad on the camera where the magazine attaches. He said it might have
been barely grazing the film on the take up end. We thought we only noticed
it on the 74 because of the increased sensitivity. We stopped seeing the
problem. (BTW - The batch number on their neg. also changed at this point.)

Then we saw similar marks on another client's film - batch 7274-146-5701.
Just a coincidence? I'd like to know if anyone else has experienced this
phenomenon. Thanks.

CB Gaines, colorist
Monaco Video, San Francisco
cbgaines at inreach.com

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