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K and :->

First of all, thanks to everyone who replied to me personally and on the
list about the 7274 pressure marks. Seems a lot of people have had similar
experiences, but nobody mentioned that particular batch, so I think that's

Now I need to apologize for not using some emoticon or smiley with my first
statement: "Fearing the wrath of our local Kodak rep, I hesitantly post this
query."  That was said completely tongue in cheek, but I'm afraid some
people took me too literally. Sorry for any misunderstanding. I know that if
I'd contacted our rep, he'd have done everything possible to track down any
known problems and offered to check any sample me might have. In fact,
within hours of my posting on the TIG, a Kodak rep contacted us at work. The
power of the TIG! ;-}

CB Gaines, colorist
Monaco Video, San Francisco
cbgaines at inreach.com

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