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> Paul aren't you contributing to the Piracy problem by posting the articles
> the newspaper?

Posting published articles is legal and the news medium is a vital service
and should never never be censored.
Showing the threat of piracy on any medium is important, using piracy as a
weak excuse to bad mouth digital distribution technology is very silly and
was brought up in the electronic projection thread, hence my point in
posting it. Theft occurs with any medium, in this case a print film in the
US and video cameras in cinemas.
Theft dilutes the industry. This ultimately affects us all.
In reality, a super compressed jerky small video file on the net would
probably increase the awareness of the film and not damage box office sales
that much...probably the publicity would actually increase sales. Indeed
Lucas released their trailer on the net as a teaser.
Boot legged video tapes of a "good" standard are another issue as far as box
office sales are concerned.

What intrigued me was the way people are picking up on electronic
distribution and getting excited about the idea. It was food for thought.
The last paragraph was profound. These are not my views they belong to the
Guardian newspaper.


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