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Re: Cintel Electrum

> Have anyone tested the Cintel Electrum? We are looking for a reasonable 625
> telecine.

The Electrum is based on an Ursa Diamond but without the ITK stuff.
The best way to compare it is to a more modern Ursa Gold.
Not having the ITK stuff means that it is 100% supported by Cintel.
Lot's of people are using Gold's to create wonderful work at 625/525
Great thing about starting with an Electrum is the possibility of trading up
to a C-Reality later if your market/needs/budget allow.
Decide carefully on your needs for the next 5 years discuss this with
whoever you decide to purchase a telecine from, telecine's are expensive and
have to have a long useful life.
The best way is to test one at the factory with your own film and see for
yourself. Compare the results to other makes of telecine in a similar price
range. Try not to be influenced by salesmen, seeing is believing.

Paul Grace


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