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Digital Star Wars Projection - June 18

I just saw in the trades yesterday that Fox has revealed that STAR WARS I:
THE PHANTOM MENACE will be shown via digital HD 1080i video projection
starting June 18th at the following theaters:

Paramus, New Jersey:   Loew's Route 4

Secaucus, New Jersey:   Loew's Meadows 6

Chatsworth, CA:  Pacific Winnetka 20

Burbank, CA:  AMC Burbank 14

The Paramus and Chatsworth theaters will be using the Cinecomm projectors;
the Secaucus and Burbank theaters will be using the Texas Instruments

The story didn't say so, but I've heard through the grapevine that
apparently Modern Videofilm is working on the transfer at their Glendale
feature xfer facility (but this is only a rumor right now).

No word yet as to which specific theaters will be showing the HD version,
but I'm sure a call to the theater on June 18th could get that information.

I'm surprised that they aren't trying to keep this a secret.  No doubt,
nervous film lab owners and interested telecine operators will start camping
out on line, even now as we speak...

--Marc Wielage
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