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Re: Re: Editel

Robert Lund wrote:
> DCSOS at aol.com wrote:
> > It was written that  the first DVE in the USA the was theQuantel 5000
> > "(wire wrap version no serial number) "
> >
> > Didn't the Vital Squeezezoom preceede the Quantel DPE5000 in the U.S. at
> > least?

Not only in the States. Whilst I was at ECV here in Sydney in the late
70s we had one of (I believe) the only two 4 channel PAL SqueeZooms ever
built. The other was at Molinaire in London. In this market at least the
DPE 5000 was at least 12 months behind. 
The SqueeZoom also became the first piece of equipment to earn a
technical EMMY, for its effects work on Battlestar Galactica.

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