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Re: Editel/NY and all the other firsts

Bill Hogan writes:

>Please note that NOBODY started Vidtronics that had anything to do with
>Editel.  In the later years there was some that came from Editel to work
>there.  Vidtronics was started in 1967-68 time frame.  Editel not
>started till 8 years later by a totally different group.
>The founders of Vidtronics was head by Joe Bluth.  The other three
>co-founders were Carl Hanselman, Engineering; Oscar Wilson, Operations
>and Bob Ringer, Video back to Film.
>Yes, Vidtronics was considered the leader and the first major facility
>on the West Coast.

Mr. Ringer passed away just recently.  There's an obituary in the May 99
SMPTE Journal, which also mentions some interesting bits of Vidtronics

Best regards,
Christopher Bacon

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