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Filmrestoration (followup)

Subject:  Filmrestoration

Dear Egil,

Regarding your film glue cleaner called Exxol Heptan. We at Lipsner Smith
may know it by another name. As it's petroleum based it's sure to be
flammable or combustible.

Any liquid you plan to use on film, especially original negative or
archive material, should always be checked first for compatibility with
motion picture film. Maybe this liquid has already been researched by a
competent test point, but you wouldn't want to find out later that this
material has caused some chemical reaction in the film base, emulsion, or
has somehow damaged or weakened splices. Kodak Rochester have been very
good in helping check out new cleaning solvents for this kind of problem:
unfortunately many otherwise nice alternatives to Trichloroethane have
never got past this test, so it's best to be cautious.

Good luck,
Jonathan Banks
Lipsner Smith

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