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Re: Corbitt: Rebuttal to Paul Grace's "Electrum" entry

The following is Dave Corbitt's response to Paul Grace's recent
posting regarding the Electrum, presented in the interest of 'equal

On 1999-06-08 at 18:40, Dave Corbitt (dfc47 at earthlink.net) wrote:

 Your comments about Electrum are viewed by ITK as being innaccurate and
  On Saturday 5 June 1999, Paul Grace wrote;
 > The Electrum is based on an Ursa Diamond but without the ITK stuff.
 > The best way to compare it is to a more modern Ursa Gold.
 > Not having the ITK stuff means that it is 100% supported by Cintel.
 Dave Corbitt's reply;
 If an Electrum is indeed an URSA GOLD in new paint, then it will not have
 any ITK gear on it. That portion of your comments are absolutely true.
 But, it also means it will not have RGB burn correction for elimination of
 run/still errors and elimination of CRT grain artifacts. Without ITK's
 "stuff" you would be missing out on technical advances that many post
 houses have happily discovered: Without ITK's TWiGi, A to D created noise
 artifacts will once again become a distinguishing characteristic of this
 "new" machine. This also means the CRT will have a relatively short useful
 life due to a lack of an active burn correction system.
 Without SCAN'dal, you have the problem of aliasing artifacts.  Why not ask
 owners of Clearview about tube life relative to a SCAN'dal equipped
 It is important to remember that the Diamond URSA was basically a GOLD
 with ITK upgrades.  These were sold by Cintel and supported by them. The
 ITK products were installed in the Cintel factory as the machines were
 prepared for delivery.  Support of these machines by Cintel was never an
 issue. The performance improvements of the Diamond were directly related
 to the ITK products installed in the package, not the purple doors and new
 stickers. If an Electrum is to be produced with no ITK gear then indeed it
 will be just like the Gold, and  a regression to  noisey images, run /
 still level errors, limited CRT life, and aliasing problems.
 ITK's "stuff" has been, and will continue to be, developed by a talented
 engineering team led by Stuart Hunt, who as a key engineer at Cintel for
 17 years developed much of Cintel's "stuff."
 Let me mention that ITK have always been involved in improving the
 performance of the URSA family of telecines.  Y-Front is a major
 improvement again in URSA performance for even greater improvements in
 signal to noise, great reduction of film surface imperfections (true
 diffused sensor technology), and greatly improved colorimetry of the film
 analysis. We intend to continue to support any telecine containing our
 products and we will also make HD both practical and affordable in an
 upgrade path for MK3 or URSA (and beyond) with image quality second to
 none. We are still on schedule to Beta test our HD upgrade in late July
 '99. And that is one of the great things about owning an URSA (or even a MK3).
 Dave Corbitt
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