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Re: Re: Editel

Alan.Rosenfeld at smavid.com wrote:

> Robert Lund wrote:
> > As I recall, in the late 70's, the SqueeZoom was the only box which could
> > manipulate video "that way". I think Quantel came along a bit later. We had
> > one of the early SqueeZoom's at Teletronics.
> As I recall, we had a prototype model at Teletronics. The year was
> 1978.  We used it mostly to "fix" out of spec blanking on spot
> commercial masters (who amongst us old timers remembers the
> FCC "scare" of that time?)
> Alan

Well, I remember that, too, and the year was indeed 1978. I don't think
Teletronics got the early Quantel device (tho I may just not have known), so I'd

forgotten that it actually came out earlier.

Yeah, pioneers in fixing wide blanking, that was the time and place to be at !
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