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(TIG) ITK Rebuttal to Paul Grace's Electrum enty

Oh dear, our young Mr. Grace has unwittingly unleashed the wrath of a 
"third party supplier" by offering some helpful telecine information 
to our friends at NRK.

I agree with the gentleman at Cintel that Dave Corbett - did he once 
work with Alan Nicholls - has abused the TIG with these open 
replies.... what a load of old Y fronts. 

Sorry ITK - but who do you think you are?  Cintel have contributed 
most of the hard work over the years in producing a first class 
telecine which we all enjoy making a living out of and which 
thankfully to Cintel is still the industries number one favourite 
transfer machine.

Paul Grace plays an active and valuable part on the TIG with many 
useful replies to an industry which has many unanswered questions.  
He may not always be right.. but then who is in this industry ....

Carry on Mr Grace.

I don't normally do this "stuff" but can we have some normality 
returned to the TIG and leave the soaps to the broadcasters. 
Stuart Gray
Managing Director

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