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Re: (TIG) ITK Rebuttal to Paul Grace's Electrum enty

Have to say I like the soaps from time to time; one
can really see the cross cultural differences, not
only in the ways of working, but also language and

So long as some sort of respect is maintained for the
individual I would encorage this sort of thing.  I
like hearing what is really going on in the industry
and sometimes I feel that postings on the TIG are
sometimes only the 'political' truth.

OK OK, I know people have to make a living out of what
they have, and the truth won't necessarily keep them
in business.....

Now has that put the cat amongst the pigeons, or what?

Ken Robinson

--- dgsuk at shakti.th.newnet.co.uk wrote:
> Oh dear, our young Mr. Grace has unwittingly
> unleashed the wrath of a 
> > 
> Carry on Mr Grace.
> I don't normally do this "stuff" but can we have
> some normality 
> returned to the TIG and leave the soaps to the
> broadcasters. 
> Stuart Gray

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