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Re: Re: Corbitt: Rebuttal to Paul Grace's "Electrum" entry

Dear Mr. Spaulding,

I, too, value the information disseminated on the TIG.  Some of the
contributors have become quite clever in disguising their intent in their
postings, pointing up some of the "cross cultural differences" as stated by Ken
Robinson, while maintaining the appearance of "political correctness."  Some of
us, however, have a sometimes annoying habit of "telling it like it is," and
while others may be offended by this trait, we eventually grow weary of
speaking in an obtuse manner.

What has occurred here is that Mr. Grace has scratched the surface of a matter
which had heretofore been beneath the awareness of most, in that a certain
manufacturer has been utilizing certain marketing techniques against ITK, one
of which is a not so veiled "threat" with regard to support of machines with
ITK products.  Paul's comment about the Electrum "not having ITK stuff means
that it is 100% supported by Cintel" is a direct assault against ITK in this
regard.  (I will ignore the potentially demeaning nature of the word "stuff"
here.)  For Mr. Grace to so blatantly post to this forum a remark intended to
support this marketing approach is not a posting from a neutral member of this
forum, it is further marketing effort on your behalf, and it is quite obvious.
No manufacturer should be expected to remain silent all of the time with regard
to these types of snips, and your umbrage at the rebuttal from Dave Corbitt
therefore rings a bit hollow to me.

I am certain that every member of this forum would wish to be judged on their
performance.  In this regard, we at ITK are obviously very proud to stand
behind our products 100% in every way:  development, sales, and support.  I
also feel certain that every member of this forum would feel at least somewhat
offended if their reputations were impugned by unwarranted snips, no matter how
subtle.  Dave's comments with regard to the Diamond containing in the main ITK
products - were they disparaging remarks, or simply statements of fact?  Will
the Electrum be better without ITK products?  The industry will decide.  I
agree that the TIG is not the place to air these matters, but as it is a forum
for discussion, when these things arise, we all have an equal opportunity to

Ralph Edwards

Chuck Spaulding wrote:

> and here are Chuck Spaulding's comments:
> ---
> This is in response to the "equal time" email.  Paul's comments about the
> Electrum where simply that, his comments.  Although I'm sure the people at
> Cintel appreciate them, Paul does not speak for Cintel.
> I value the information that is decimated through the TIG and get great
> satisfaction out of the often harmonious way people express their ideas
> together.  This is a good forum for people to vent their ideas - ideas that
> help our industry.
> However, I found it disturbing, and I must say, frustrating - when I read
> the email from Dave Corbitt.  This is a blatant add for ITK with many a
> disparaging remark regarding the Electrum and Cintel.  Most, if not all of
> Paul's comments were taken out of context. I am not "defending" Paul's view
> of the Electrum.  I'm sure he will respond to this himself.
> I don't view this as a serious issue, but I am offended that this was
> positioned as "equal time."  There's nothing equal about it.

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