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In all of the furore over Dave Corbitt's posting about URSA Electrum - and
now Ralph Edwards leaping to his colleague's defence -  the one thing that
seems to be missing is any discussion of the facts over the new telecine. 
As Rob's rules about marketing-speak seem to have been temporarily
abandoned, let me set out our case.

Cintel's airm is to provide film scanning and transfer solutions across the
whole market.  At the top end, we are developing data handling solutions
which are completely revolutionary, far in advance of anything seen
beforehand, and which offer massive creative and productivity benefits by
placing C-Reality at the heart of the digital film workgroup.

But we have not neglected the rest of the market.  The URSA family has been
a world leader for ten years now - virtually to the day, as it was launched
at the Montreux exhibition in June 1989 - and for many facilities whose
business plans are based around 525/625 work, it remains the best option.
The URSA Diamond is at the head of the family and for those who are just
moving into telecine work, at NAB '99 we introduced URSA Electrum, which
keeps the creative toolset and distinctive film look of the URSA family but
is available at a very cost-effective price indeed. As with all URSA
telecines there is the ability to upgrade your machine with both Cintel and
third party options as and when the growth of your telecine business allows
it, to suit both your market and pocket.

To answer Ralph specifically, we are not claiming that Electrum is a better
product without the ITK add-ons. That is not the reason for the machine.
Electrum is a very good telecine - built brand new by a manufacturer with
60 years' experience of producing excellent telecines - at a price which is
affordable by facilities who otherwise would have had to buy on the second
hand market.

Electrum is not the only new product we plan to launch in 1999 as part of
our strategy to meet the real needs of our developing industry. Watch this

To Ralph - and to those few others who need to be told - can I just say
that, while Paul Grace is a friend of Cintel and a great believer in our
products, he does not work for us. He has built the telecine reputation of
one of the world's largest facilities groups, he has provided consultancy
to other facilities, and he has designed and developed some very
interesting telecine suite products. Throughout it all he has kept his
independent voice. If we were to ask him directly to post something on the
TIG on Cintel's behalf, I know what the answer would be, and that it would
be expressed in language far too shocking to see here!

And finally, can I add a personal wish that - once Philips and Sony have
claimed their equal access, too - we take the TIG back to where it was. 
Manufacturers should not shrink from commenting factually on topics raised
by the forum, but it must be driven by comments and questions from the
colorists and engineers who rely on all of our products.  Frankly, no-one
wants to see a pissing contest between manufacturers.


Adam Welsh
Senior Sales Manager
Cintel International Ltd

Thanks to Crawford Communications for support in 1999
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