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Re: Re: Corbitt: Rebuttal to Paul Grace's "Electrum" entry

OK, this is getting silly.

I was trying to point out that there were certain
differences in language, both in words and their
meanings.  I should know better, but I still get into
trouble with US Citizens for the way I use my native
tongue in e-mail.

Maybe I can clarify a bit.  I know that Paul has a
love for Cintel products and that he has a good
relationship with them....  OK, so what, I like Russel

I also know that ITK has some great mods, and frankly,
IMHO at last got close to what I personaly thought an
URSA should look like.  I also know that not only some
thought went into the design of their products, but
also a great deal of skill went into the marketing and
backup of same. The great product without the
marketing and backup isn't anything. (err Russel
Square?). I should also add that a big risk was taken
as I know that the idea of producing new A-D cards for
the URSA was not a new idea, it's just the others
talking about it thought that no one would spend the
money, and Cintel refused to believe that their cards
were wrong. 

Cintel, as I understand it, brought out a new URSA
type machine that allowed people to enter into the
transfer market at a budget price, and then add STUFF
on as they pleased.  VERY nice idea, if you are a
small Post house with a limited budget (I know, I got
one).  However, without the add ons the machine didn't
look so great, and I must add that I have only seen
the machine at NAB under adverse conditions. I am sure
with a little TLC it would be better.  

Maybe I am missing something, but it didn't seem that
Paul was posting anything that adversly affected
anyone, he was trying to be helpful.

The other thing that is going thru my head is that the
more flaming that goes on intimidates people from
posting anything at all.  Very sad as I know that many
people enjoy helping others.

So like belly buttons, we all have opinions....  I
don't seem to have trouble weeding out the wheat from
the chaff, or have I just been around for too long?

ITKers, you have great stuff, most people know it,
some can even see it ;-)  Anyway, don't blow it OK?

Adam, why did you feel you needed to post what you
did? Again, I don't think that you said anything that
most people haven't heard already, and talking frankly
it sounded more biased than anything else I have heard

I am expressing my personal opinions, I do want to be
able to look all you guys in the face at IBC, NAB or
where ever I see you again, so I hope that everyone
reads this in the (errr) spirit its meant.


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