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Re: Re: Corbitt: Rebuttal to Paul Grace's "Electrum" entry

>Dear Mr. Spaulding,
>I, too, value the information disseminated on the TIG.  Some of the
contributors have become quite clever in disguising their intent in their

I could be mistaken, but I don't believe that Paul is employed by Cintel in
any way, and therefore, his statements only reflect his opinion of reality.
Also, I believe that his statement was in regards to a question asked of the
TIG. What is an URSA Electrum? I personally felt that he answered the
question very well. I don't think that he in any way implied that the URSA
line is better off without the ITK products (Stuff). I think that you would
be hard pressed to find anyone who would make such a statement, including
the folks at Cintel. I think that this type of response to a posting on the
TIG, especially by a manufacturer, is very negative to this forum, and maybe
this type of thing is the reason why the TIG seems to contain WAY less
valuable information than it used to, simply because our fellow telecine
friends don't want to be blasted every time they express their opinions.
Case in point, look at how few responses the TIG had after NAB this year.
There must have been more than four of us at NAB, yet for some reason,
people were reluctant to post there opinions. Therefore causing a lack of
usable information. Of the replies that I received as a result of my post
NAB posting (four all together), two of them pointed out that I had
forgotten to mention a particular manufacturer. In other words, upset at my
not giving them a plug. I don't think that this is the intent of the TIG. We
are simply here to share information, learn from one another, and better the
telecine game for all.

Steven Flippin, Dir. of Enginerrong
Crash & Sue's Film\Video Post, Minneapolis

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