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Re: Re: Corbitt: Rebuttal to Paul Grace's "Electrum" entry

Methinks "Star Wars" mania has gotten out of hand, watching the forces of
ITK square off against those of Cintel.  How entertaining for those of us
who consider it beneath our dignity to stand on long movie theater lines!

The real issue behind all this has yet to be explored, in my opinion.  A
little more than a month ago, a rumor was spreading throughout the
industry--and mind you, it was only a rumor--that Cintel would not support
its products if they had been modified through the addition of third-party
products.  "Third party" in this case was taken to mean ITK, and I think it
is safe to say the folks there do not take kindly to scare tactics.

Well, a little checking revealed that somebody at Cintel did indeed say that
they would not support ITK-supplied and installed components, but nothing
had changed with respect to Cintel's support of their own "stuff."  Doesn't
sound all that unreasonable to me; the maker of a product is usually the
first place I'd go if I needed help with it.

Of course, one might wonder what became of the "kinder and gentler" Cintel
we heard about a year or so ago in this very forum--the Cintel that was
going to support and actively encourage third-party add-ons to its machines.
If Cintel has actually instituted a "do not resuscitate" policy on ITK
hardware, does it extend to URSA Diamonds on which Cintel itself sold and
installed ITK components?  Would Cintel really cut its nose off to spite its
face by distancing itself from URSA Diamond/Y-Front owners--the very ones
who might be in the market for C-Realities a few years down the road?

A comment made by Stuart Gray earlier in this thread makes it seem as though
history is repeating itself:

>Sorry ITK - but who do you think you are?  Cintel have contributed
>most of the hard work over the years in producing a first class
>telecine which we all enjoy making a living out of and which
>thankfully to Cintel is still the industries number one favourite
>transfer machine.

Sorry Mr. Gray, but what Cintel contributed used to be known as the most
often modified equipment in video!  I am referring here only to the old Mk.
III machines, not any of the current products (which all are truly
excellent), so please don't take umberage.  Third-party companies thrived on
updating your previous equipment because Cintel historically disregarded the
needs of various segments of the industry, and all too often looked down its
nose at anybody who dared suggest that things might work better if done
other than the Cintel way.  Those of us in the industry do appreciate the
living we make on Cintel products, but we also appreciate the work done by
the "ITKs" of the industry, who keep us in the game in this brave new
digital world.

Best regards,
Christopher Bacon

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