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Re: rebuttals et al

The "kinder gentler" Cintel dissappeared when the rumors of competition 
began to surface.
Now that the rumors have become solid concerning ITK and the production 
of a new telecine..
the Cintel Ax has fallen... with their usual "tough *$%^&" to the users; 
this happening in spite of the fact that ITK add-on's have been standard 
equipment in ursa's of the past.

There are several post production facilities in the Los Angeles area who 
are being denied support by Cintel right now because of the presence of 
ITK add-on's. With the demise of Meta-Speed support engineering the only 
recourse that a facility has is Cintel. Woe be to the facility that adds 
anything ITK on top of a Meta-Speed that has problems. 

This is not a new tactic on Cintel's part. It seems like every 
manufacturer of add-on's pisses them off at one time or a another. And I 
expect that pressure from the users will cause them to back down on this 
unrealistic stance.

D. Chapman
ps The emperor is naked.

On 6/11/99 3:50 PM you wrote:

>Of course, one might wonder what became of the "kinder and gentler" Cintel
>we heard about a year or so ago in this very forum--the Cintel that was

There is great enlightenment where there has been great wonder.

Muso Kokushi

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