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Re: A flying spot world

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From: Gary Shaw <gshaw at pacificvideo.com>
To: telecine at alegria.com <telecine at alegria.com>
Date: Friday, June 11, 1999 3:30 PM
Subject: [TIG] A flying spot world

> After reading of the most recent postings by "tube" users,  I yet again
>thank the day we decided to opt for Quadra's over the alternatives at the
>time. Beautiful images...no stress, I wonder why there have been no after
>market fixes for these machines or postings from disgruntled users?
>Gary Shaw
>Senior Colourist

OK.  That's it.    Please Gary,  let's not try and turn up the heat on this
pissing match.......  I've used both styles of telecines, and currently have
a Spirit.  I like both of them and I can do different things on both

The folks at Cintel have obviously not ridded themselves of their old
demons, as much as they would like us to believe they have.  The folks at
ITK, while I think their products are fantastic and own some, really need to
reconsider blasting a user in an open forum the way they did. I really don't
care what Paul owns, or who he used to work with or for. He is entitled to
his opinion, and I think it was a fairly mild one. He simply pointed out
what an Electrum was. As I recall, his remarks weren't even that disparaging
about ITK.  Merely his opinion.   If it's going to be like this, let's just
remove all manufacturers from this forum. I personally would hate to see a
return to the days past when a person who then worked for DV made the TIG
his personal playground for company promotion. I know Rob probably gets a
good deal of support ( hopefully read: money) from manufacturers, but I
always feel like they are here listening, yet rarely do I see them respond
to what we are saying.  It's like " All defenses on, must be on TIG --
respond, respond, must make presence"  yet  where are the product responses
to our challenges?  They're here, but I don't think they're

More to Gary's point-- I've got a Spirit, and it's got a few "features" I'd
like to kick someone's ass over, so please let's not pretend that CCD
machines are perfect  -- far from it.  What would be really great is if --
ARE YOU LISTENING? ( not you Gary)   --  various manufacturers could
actually talk to each other and share info for the GOOD OF THE INDUSTRY,
instead of trying to line their pockets as full as they possibly can. The
result would actually be good for everyone -- imagine that!!   I recall a
post I made a few years ago -- about  the joint effort between the folks at
Meta-speed and Stedi-film as one of the best I have ever seen.  It produced
a product that was revolutionary -- and actually got me home to my family
before the wee hours of the morning. I have been forever grateful, and the
quality of the work I produced was greatly improved.  I would love to be
saying this about oh, I don't know,  certain color corrector manufacturers
and telecine manufacturers -- but at the moment they can't seem to get their
shit together --- EVERYONE is too busy defending themselves in this forum
and away from it.

As I've said before, when the day comes that I can stop worrying about
stability, position accuracy, noise, artifacting, 358, moiré, and a host of
other VIDEO related problems, and just deal with making pictures that look
great at their original resolution, and have the creative tools to make
pictures far different from what is on the neg, ( Wow, my tools would be
technically transparrent --  I shudder to think)  I'll then be happy. For
now, how bout' everyone takes a step back, has a beer, a lude, a Prozac, or
whatever makes you happy, and get back to trying to be innovative, original,
and leaders of their fields. Those are good thoughts and pursuits for makers
of gear --leave this other crap, and I mean crap - no matter what it means
in brit lingo,  leave it alone.... walk away..... go back to your

Stepping off the box now,

Craig Leffel

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