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Re: rebuttals et al

>D. Chapman said:
>The "kinder gentler" Cintel dissappeared when the rumors of competition
>began to surface.

TIG people: you all want your cake and be able to eat it as well.

I was one of the people, like many of the TIG'rs, who for years screamed at
Cintel to "get real". Now that they have, it's time for us all to get with
the program.

Whether you have a Spirit, a Y-Front, or a C-Reality, you have a machine
which is miles better than anything which went before, and it come from a
company which is in deadly, yes deadly, earnest about competition. I can
understand any of those three companies not wanting to help their
competition. This is the reality of business today. The "kinder, gentler
Cintel" did not disappear; friends, our industry itself has changed, as I
predicted to many in this group.

That's the way it is. Lets all get used to it.

Mike O

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