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Re: Electrum

Bob said:
Here are some suggested categories:

1. Best factual statement with supporting evidence

2. Best non-factual statement with supporting evidence

3. Best half-truth

4. Longest statement without actually saying anything

5. Most condescending response

6. Most cutting sarcasm

7. Best invocation of the moral high ground

8. Best emotional endorsement by a colorist, living or dead

After reading all the bollocks from you whining group of pissbags that went
on while I wasn't looking this morning, I hereby claim first prize in
categories 5, 6, 7 amd 8 (after extending 8 to ex-colorists as well) for my
previous response to the "kinder, gentler etc" e-mails.

I also claim 1st prize in a new category created by me for myself entitled
"Best response to excruciating waste of TIG bandwidth by a bunch of whiny
plonkers with clearly nothing better to do".

The emotion referred to in category 8, by the way, can include being angry,
which is what I am right now. There's been more frigging intelligent debate
about Spirit vs. C-Reality vs. ITK vs. Sony on the goddam Flame-News page
for Christ's sake. Ask Steve Flippen.

Oh and another thing. You cant expect just Festa and me to be the only wit
on this group. Where the F*CK did everybody's sense of humor go?

Now bugger off and behave.

Mike Orton

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