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Re: Electrum

On 1999-06-11 at 06:09, Adam Welsh (AdamWelsh at compuserve.com) wrote:

> As Rob's rules about marketing-speak seem to have been temporarily
> abandoned, let me set out our case.

I've been interested to see how this discussion progresses or
digresses, as an experiment in a more free-form forum.  I didn't
understand completely, as I hadn't read carefully, the exchange
between Paul Grace and Dave Corbitt.  I think I would have, in
retrospect, asked Dave to tone down the corporate umbrage, as Paul's
words could have been taken many ways.  

The 'rules on marketing' have not been suspended; rather, in the
interest of resolving this matter (which I helped start by clearing
the ITK response), I've stayed out of it.

Let's keep the marketing out of the main TIG please.  

> we are developing data handling solutions
> which are completely revolutionary, far in advance 

whether it's ITK or Cintel writing, this language belongs on the
telecine-announce commercial mailinglist.  Philips, you can raise the
level of this contretemps by remaining aloof; you need not feel you
must respond.  However, if anyone wants to discuss this with me
privately I'm available.

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