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Re: Re: Corbitt: Rebuttal to Paul Grace's "Electrum" entry

On 1999-06-11 at 08:35, Steven Flippin (steven.flippin at crash-sues.com) wrote:

> I could be mistaken, but I don't believe that Paul is employed by Cintel in
> any way, and therefore, his statements only reflect his opinion of reality.

> this type of thing is the reason why the TIG seems to contain WAY less
> valuable information than it used to

Suggestions, Steven?

I'd like to remind the group that there is a net wisdom that goes way
back, to the beginning of Usenet, and is as relevant today as ever.
When posting a message that can be interpreted in a commercial manner,
state your position with regard to the manufacturer represented.  In
other words, the honorable Mr. Grace could add at the end of his
message "I am in no way in the employ or am comepensated by Cintel and
these comments are my own".  These statements go a long way toward
establishing credibility, and omission can have onerous results.

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