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Re: A flying spot world

On 1999-06-11 at 16:45, Craig Leffel (craig at opt1mus.com) wrote:

> If it's going to be like this, let's just
> remove all manufacturers from this forum.

manufacturers use the TIG in ways not obvious to many of us.  Joe
Moore of daVinci took me aside at NAB this year and told me some
things that made me believe that there has been significant influence
on product development as a result of our discussions here.  

The wise manufacturer listens, and then works privately with the
troubled party to resolve a problem; contributions from sources other
than manufacturers also go directly to the original author and are not
aired publicly on the TIG.  Engineers jump to the bench and the
telephone and often none of this hits the TIG.  The origin, however,
was a posting here.

> I know Rob probably gets a
> good deal of support ( hopefully read: money) from manufacturers, but I
> always feel like they are here listening, yet rarely do I see them respond
> to what we are saying. 

the manufacturers and individual contributors are the basis of this
group, actually- they allow it to exist.  

> It's like " All defenses on, must be on TIG --
> respond, respond, must make presence"  yet  where are the product responses
> to our challenges?  They're here, but I don't think they're
> hearing...........

These product discussions almost always bring a certain parity, as
everyone has their favorite equipment.  One colorist will say "I can't
live without my Dubner" and the next will say "yeesh, join the real
world, get a 2k" and the next will say "I can't believe nobody takes
seriously the great tried and true Corporate box" etc.  Intentions
need be made clear as to affiliations, as I posted earlier, unless you
want your comments regarded suspiciously. 

we haven't had an airing out like this since the beginning of the
group ...by the way, 5 years old this month.  We were different in
1994, as the manufacturers hadn't subscribed, we were colorists and
engineers, and felt we could speak more impetuously.  Now we consider
the facts a little more carefully, because it's not always fair to a
manufacturer to malign their products in public.  This is a very
public place-- consider it an auditorium where each of us stands at
the rostrum, speaking to our colleagues, hopefully, with reason and
forethought.  I'm surprised at the strident, defensive, and sometimes
sarcastic tone of some of the messages, though perhaps their points
are well taken.

That's not to say that opinions are not welcome; just consider
clarity of purpose and intent as important as your main points.

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