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Personal feelings

Having ridden heard on more than a few telecines in the past years, and
having watched the TIG
for a few years also, I understand Rob's interest on keeping
commercialism out.  

However, I feel that this just changes the open commercialism to subtle

Kind of like a tax laws:  They're written, but people find ways of
getting around them anyway.....

Frankly, I kind of like the no-holes barred commercialism side.  At least
this way we know what someone is saying, rather than trying to determine
what someone is "trying" to get across without getting caught, and the
"Please do not ........  "  postings that Rob must do to keep the TIG
following the rules.

Kind of reminds you of a bunch of 3 year olds in a sandbox, doesn't it?

No slams intended for anyone, just a comment....

P.S.  The offer is still open:  MANUFACTURES!  Send me a 1939 Indian
motocycle (any model) and I will say  ANYTHING  you want me to about any
of your products!  (not a joke, I'm serious)

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