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bitter and twisted

At 03:26 PM 6/11/1999 -0700, Mike (the Brit) Orton wrote:
>Oh and another thing. You cant expect just Festa and me to be the only wit
>on this group. Where the F*CK did everybody's sense of humor go?

Mike I'm honored that you've made me an honorary brit thanks to sarcastic
wit. Do I get to wear the funny pants like you now???

Bob Kertesz wrote:
>I'm at least as funny as Festa, and a lot more bitter and twisted overall.

He's got you here Mike. Kertesz is a pretty sick post puppy. His attitude
has gotten him in more trouble than I care to step in. I'll never forget
Bob's business card when we were all calling ourselves 'colorists'... his
title was 'telecine terrorist'. That was good stuff, In the face of a
decaying second? tour of duty at Editel L.A., no less.

While were at it, there should be room at this table for Craig Leffel at
Optimus. He's got that corn-fed midwest bark that I find appealing when
aimed at manufacturers.

I hope the rest of you arent this tight lipped in sessions. I personally
love all of the characters on this channel.

Best humor,


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