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Re: Personal feelings

I have to agree with Jan on this one.

I have been using the Internet discussion groups for 10+ years, and this is
the only one I belong to that has these kinds of rules.  This is also the
only group that has so many people getting upset over silly rules, hurt
feelings, and discussions about who said what to who.  I can honestly say
that I am usually afraid to post to this group because I may accidentally
imply something that would get others upset.

These discussions are a waste of bandwidth and I guess I am guilty now too.

Erik Utter

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From: Jan J Janowski <wb9iph at juno.com>

> Frankly, I kind of like the no-holes barred commercialism side.  At least
> this way we know what someone is saying, rather than trying to determine
> what someone is "trying" to get across without getting caught, and the
> "Please do not ........  "  postings that Rob must do to keep the TIG
> following the rules.

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