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Re: Personal feelings

At 01:00 PM 6/14/99 -0700, Erik Utter wrote:
>I have been using the Internet discussion groups for 10+ years, and this is
>the only one I belong to that has these kinds of rules.  This is also the
>only group that has so many people getting upset over silly rules, hurt
>feelings, and discussions about who said what to who. 

Actually the comparison of the TIG to an internet news group (may I assume
that is your reference?) would be slightly off the mark. Rob sponsors a
mailing list distributed from his home. As the mailing list grew past the
point of pocket change, contributions have been made to Rob to enable the
list to continue in its current form. I contribute and consider this
community to be invaluable to my professional sanity.

I view the discussions in this group as being the social equivilent to
being in Rob's living room. Some forms of personal attack are out of place
here due to respect for our host's wishes. Unmoderated internet news groups
are a much wilder, more boisterous and often less interesting forum. I read
my TIG mail every day... various TV and film news groups get filtered and
browsed irregularly.
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