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The TIG (get a life).

Hi there.

It is sad to wideness the TIG slip further and further into the mud over
the last couple of months. The tiniest excuse for posting private,
insignificant, promotional, insulting and irrelevant comments has been
used extensively and at length. 

It is a long time since we have seen any interesting, provocative and/or
informative views related to the technology we use or the future of our
industry. Any promising threads have been ditched, ignored and diverted. 

As someone rightfully wrote the other day: Flame_news has more
interesting mails related to telecine than the TIG!?!?!

Please,- get real guys, loose the hang-up's, get a life and start being
serious or the TIG will soon become the the kind of small shoed forum
that only a little club of jerks subscribe to.

In order not to clog up this news group with possible personal comments
please mail them directly to me.

Best regards

Kris, Destiny-601 & The Warehouse, Copenhagen.

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