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Re: Personal feelings

On 1999-06-14 at 13:00, Erik Utter (eriku at flyingspot.com) wrote:

> I have to agree with Jan on this one.
> I have been using the Internet discussion groups for 10+ years, and this is
> the only one I belong to that has these kinds of rules.  This is also the
> only group that has so many people getting upset over silly rules, hurt

Gee, this is definitely a change in the wind from what I've heard over
the past 5 years.  I've reams of compliments on the way the TIG is
run.  It's not without significant forethought, canvassing, insight,
history, and careful consideration that have created the current form
for the TIG.

However, if people want to change it, we'll change it.

Would everyone like a completely open list with no 'marketing' rules?
I think that traffic will increase tremendously, intentions will be
even more suspect than now, and we'll have people unsubscribing in
droves, as they won't handle the message load.  But that's just my

> These discussions are a waste of bandwidth and I guess I am guilty now too.

how so?

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