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Re: Micro-mirror semiconductor devices (and others)

Steve Chris wrote:

"Does anybody know the url's for the devices used in the new digital
projection systems?"

The following URL's will get you what you are looking for.


http://www.ti.com/dlp/main.html  (Bob Blanks earlier posting was for a
                                                        specific press release)

The interesting thing about this last link is that this company is owned by the
same folks that own Cintel and Cintel has done some of the video processing in
their projectors.  Digital Projection was one of the development partners with TI
in the use of Micro mirror technology.  TI does not make projectors -- only
prototypes.  This is what will be used later this week for the Phantom Menace
showings along with the Hughes-JVC units.

Bob's link to the etcinema.org  (http://etcinema.org) is a good one.  A little
explanation might be in order.  This is a group based at the University of
Southern California and supported by industry that has a project  to serve as a
industry working group to provide a forum for all aspects of ecinema including
economic.  SMPTE is working on technical standards for projection and
distribution, etc.

Regards, Bill Hogan    Sprocket Digital

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