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Re: Personal feelings

A while ago I had the (crazy?) idea that it might be nice to get
advertising/manufacturer news through the TIG.   The condition woud be that
the message subject would have to be prefixed with a standard marker --such

I would then use my email filter to spool that stuff  to another folder.  I
could read it or discard it as I pleased.  It wouldn't constitute "noise"
because of the magical action of the email filter.

This might also be a source of revenue for the TIG.  There would be
absolutely nothing wrong with charging for the posting of such messages.

One problem might be the TIG's "broadcast" model.  With a lot of this stuff
being posted the TIG servers woud be quite busy broadcasting all these
messages to all subscribers.  What would it take to switch the TIG to a
newsgroup model, where the subscriber's email program only gets subject
information and goes and gets the message content on demand?  This would
also allow for nice thread-type listing of ... threads on most email

Another problem would be in defining the fine line between a
manufacturer/supplier posting a message that could be on the edge of a
"chargeable offense" and the real thing.

Just a few thoughts...


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