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HD Television sets

I hope TV set manufacturers monitor the TIG.
Here's a request/suggestion/observation:
This weekend I went out ot Fry's and took the time to show my wife the three HDTV units they had on display:  Sony (XBR $7500), Mitsubishi projector (~$4500) and Philips flat screen ($15,000).
My wonderful wife wasted no time to offer her opinion (I'll paraphrase):  The stuff looks like crap and there's no way in he** anyone would consider buying one of these overpriced pieces of junk.
The problem?  None of the sets were tuned or connected to anything even close to HDTV.  They, in fact, ALL looked worst than the $300 sets around the corner.
I did see the Sony set tuned to a CBS-Sports feed several days earlier.  It seems that was an accident, I guess.
MANUFACTURERS:  If you want to sell HDTV sets, you have to make sure that the retailers know what to do and what NOT to do with them.  If you can't rely on broadcasts, provide them with tape!  The showing at Fry's, for all three manufacturers was nothing less than horrible.
I don't work for any of the above.
I hate Fry's but love (some of) their prices.
I use the word "stuff" in an American sense (I guess)...meaning a collection of crap.
I use the word "crap" not to actually mean "crap" but, er...stuff that's less than prime
Very soon you'll need a lawyer-prepared disclaimer to post on the TIG.
(Just kidding Rob)