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Re: Personal feelings

On 1999-06-14 at 21:19, Martin Euredjian (martin at hollydig.com) wrote:

> A while ago I had the (crazy?) idea that it might be nice to get
> advertising/manufacturer news through the TIG.   The condition woud be that
> the message subject would have to be prefixed with a standard marker --such

don't we already have that with the telecine-announce digest?  Though
I suppose you're proposing individual messages, not a digest.

It wouldn't be hard to set up, but would have to be moderated, and I'd
probably need a little help from someone in that regard.

> One problem might be the TIG's "broadcast" model.  With a lot of this stuff
> being posted the TIG servers woud be quite busy broadcasting all these
> messages to all subscribers.  What would it take to switch the TIG to a
> newsgroup model, where the subscriber's email program only gets subject
> information and goes and gets the message content on demand?  This would
> also allow for nice thread-type listing of ... threads on most email
> programs.

we could create a Usenet newsgroup for telecine, but it would be
either moderated or wide open; currently the TIG is somewhere
in-between.  And some don't have access to Usenet.. I don't believe
there exists yet the exact model you suggest, where an email client is
delivered only subject headers, and message body is delivered on

In the FAQ for the TIG has been, since the beginning, a paragraph
about the inefficiency of remailing one message out to multiple
destinations; ergo, several web-based discussion boards have been in
use on the TIG since the beginning.  The latest attempt
(http://www.alegria.com/HyperNews/get/ubique.html), promoted in the
trailer on every TIG message, has seen very limited use.  It allows
completely anonymous posts, which I thought might be very attractive
to loosen things up a little, but it appears that in general, for main
TIG discussion, email is still preferred.

TIG admin

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